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How to spot fake Amazon reviews, and make your smart choice?

by Aaron Cummings 23 May 2019

When we shop on Amazon, we need to understand one significant fact: “reviews are manipulated, not always but yes” – as we all know, there are more than millions of third-party sellers on Amazon. Amazon is trying its best to stop sellers from manipulating reviews, but everytime those sellers find new ways to prevent Amazon from hunting manipulated reviews. It’s just a “Cat and Mouse” game between Amazon and those third-party sellers.

To help customers make your smart choice online, today we strongly recommend one reliable review grading site.

Fakespot, which has now analyzed more than three billion online consumer reviews, is a free site that analyzes product reviews to help you separate the wheat from the, well, fake. All you do is copy and paste the link to the product page, then click Analyze.

Here's a great example: Copy and paste JHS 12000 BTU amazon product link from the URL box. The system will analyze both reviews and reviewers, looking for questionable spelling and grammar, the number of reviews, purchasing patterns, mismatched dates and other telltale signs of suspicious review activity. After the analysis is finished, Fakespot provides a A grade and 4.5 star adjusted rating.


Generally, Fakespot examines review from the following aspects:

  • The percentage of high-quality and reliable reviews.
  • Rating trend. If the reviews are increasing too fast, it’s suspicious.
  • They detect if Amazon has removed the reviews or not. (Amazon usually removes suspicious reviews if they find they are manipulated).
  • They inspect profiles of reviewers and determine if is high deception involved.
  • They check the Phrase Repetition. If some reviews have very similar content, these reviewers are generally not the real one.

If a product has scored as A or B, it means the reviews are trusted; C or D, we need to be very careful when reading the reviews; F, you should pay more attention before purchase. 

Here are some fake examples: Brand S, h and C on Amazon store, only rated F on Fakespot, which means the seller worked very hard to promote their product by manipulating reviews. Most reviews were marked as unreliable, you might be a lot less inclined to purchase it.

We believe in the importance of user reviews, and we respect the authenticity of our customer reviews. We are glad to hear more sound from our customers, whether it is good or bad. If customer complains about our product, we will try our best to improve the products, but we never manipulate reviews.

Shoppers in need of a second opinion usually use Fakespot when considering their next online purchase. Their patented algorithms look for patterns to filter out reviews we think are unreliable. But don’t take our word for it – you be the judge.

Thank you.

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